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Breaking Cycles: Are You an Original or a Copied Original?

To break unwanted cycles in your life, identifying who you are is a vital step. Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, desires, passions, motivations, your likes and dislikes is essential to breaking cycles.

When you are trying to break those unwanted cycles that keep you confined to mediocracy, stagnation and under-achieving, your maximum potential’s self-evaluations and self-identifications are one of the main tools needed to break cycles. So often we have allowed family, friends, social media, television music, past hurts and pains to define YOU!

Becoming a copied original! Oftentimes people, situations and events occur in our lives that are meant to teach, build character and guide you. These things and people offer great ideas, advice, suggestions and even knowledge that we can use to help develop through our journey in life. BUT sometimes those same things and people are strategically placed in your life to cause YOU pain, hurt, and rejection to mislead YOU, misguide YOU, causing you to become a Copied Original. Now you may ask what is a copied original? A copied Original is a document that is used to verify who you are, your validity and your authenticity. Certain documents like college transcripts, death certificates even sometimes birth certificates require only an original copy for jobs or insurance companies. Why do they want an original copy you ask? Because originals come from the source! It only gives the documented information from its truest source.

Unfortunately, a copied original can be altered, changed to suit the needs of the person they’re sending the copy. Copied original documents can be altered to reflect information that’s not true about the person. In our journey through life unauthorized people, events, circumstances, hurts, disappointments, failures, lies and false teachings cause you to morph into someone YOU were never originally created to BE. You develop a false sense of self-worth becoming damaged emotionally and a false sense of self,resulting in low self-esteem. When this happens, you began to morph into a person whom you were never intended to be.

You become a Copied Original!

Have you become a copied original?

I allowed life hurts, pains, mishaps, traumas, rejections and low self-esteem to morph me into a person that I didn’t recognize and did not like. I remember when I was in high school, how I allowed my gift of transparency and connective personality as a platform to be recognized, heard and be a voice for those who didn’t have the articulation, courage or knowledge to speak to others.

Now I’m still that person today, but there is a difference in who I am today and who I was in high school. In High School and early adulthood I spoke from a damaged and flawed emotional state of mind. I had developed inflated self-esteem (which is rooted in low self-esteem), bad relationships (both intimate, family, and personal) and sexual abuse and misuse. These situations began to morph me into a person (copied original) that would use my gift of transparency, connective personality, and sex as a sense of power to get what I wanted. This was from people who didn’t know what or who they wanted. Many people young and old react off of their emotional needs to be accepted, loved, validated and recognized which leaves them physically and emotionally hurt. Therefore, they end up repeating unwanted cycles in their lives. For years I keep morphing into a person that I didn’t like and I didn’t know. This caused me to fall into a depression that I didn’t even know was in.

(Side note: sometimes you’re depressed and it becomes your new normal. You don’t even realize you’re depressed until you come out of your depression.) Copied originals are people who have morphed into someone they were not originally created to be. Copied Originals have become comfortable and complacent in their false life! They find other copied originals to become their source and voice of reason to remain in the chaos, dysfunctional, unproductive, circumstances, relationships and jobs cycles. Copied Originals say things like “this is just who I am”, “God created me this way”, “if God didn’t want this for me He wouldn’t have done this this way”, “It is! what is Is!”, and that’s a LIE.

Remember copied originals have information written on them (on their emotions, hearts, memories) that wasn’t ORIGINALLY intended to be THERE! Copied Originals have FASLE INFORMATION on them! It only takes one negative word, hurt, lie, trauma or life change event to begin the process of a person becoming a Copied Original! Copied Original are false documents! One false word or phrase makes the entire document a lie! It’s time to identify those areas in your life that have caused you to be a Copied Original! Are you are a Copied Original? It’s time to break the cycle’s that have been hindering YOU!

It’s time for you to see who you are Originally created to be. You no longer have to live your life as a copied original, but you can live your life as the original person you were created to be: full of purpose and joy!

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