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Are There Weeds in Your Beautiful Garden

Throughout the span of childhood and young adulthood We develop a beautiful garden full of dreams, goals and aspirations. That garden it’s full of Colorful beautiful flowers that are call dreams goals and aspirations. But something happens and in our gardens we develop weeds. These weeds often times grow so plentiful and high and with in our garden did it kills all the beautiful flowers..Weeds kill flowers!

Those weeds are contentment settlement despair, rejection, Resentment and discouragement, listening to others plans/ dreams for your life, life mishaps, bad choices, it’s too late, etc....

Do you remember the nursery rhyme....

"Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow with silver bells and cockles shells and pretty maids all in a row..."

Many of us sang this Nursery rhyme as children or even heard our caregivers and teachers send it to us. But what we didn’t realize is that the writer of this English nursery rhyme was actually referring to a religious allegory in Catholicism and the connection with Mary Queen of Scotland's (1542-1587) reign and rulership or "how her garden grows."

"The silver bells" refer to the Catholic bells. "Cockle shells“ insinuate that her husband was unfaithful with her maid.

What a dreadful garden full of weeds. Queen Mary lived a life full of unfortunate events but we all began and aspire for a garden( life) that’s colorful and full of beautiful flowers.

But if your are not attentive to your garden then the weeds of unfortunate events, situation and circumstances will consume your once beautiful garden.

Have you been attending to your garden?

Have the weeds taken over your (garden)dreams, goals and aspirations of life?

Here are three ways to keep your garden free from weeds and if the weeds have taken over your garden these tips will help you replant your Garden( goals, dreams and aspirations).

Three Tips to get your garden free of weeds

  1. Dig the weeds up and burn them (dig = identity what weeds have grown up in your life. Burn= Change your negative thinking about what you what to achieve)

  2. Saturate the soil with weed killer ; (weed killer = write down, read , speak and image all that you want to accomplish or achieve).

  3. Cover your soil with tarp; tarp keeps weeds from growing. (Tarp = all unproductive thoughts, people, music, television shows, activities that will prevent you from achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations in life.)

Once you have completed these tip then you can began to plant the seeds in your garden that will produce beautiful colorful flowers in your life. But remember even as your new garden (dreams, aspirations and goals) begins to go and flourish, keeping maintenance of your garden is a must.

As life progresses sometimes the tarp gets tears, from the storms that arise. So always do regular maintenance on your garden to keep the weeds from growing again.

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