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Personal Life Coach



The first therapist that many women talk to is while sitting in their Favorite Hair Stylists chair.I began my pursuit of helping women transform their lives, build self-esteem and heal emotionally as a Cosmetologist over 30 years ago, I have been helping women overcome obstacles ever since.I have helped thousands of women over the years overcome issues related to health and beauty, debilitating emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial obstacles. 


My Coaching /Mentoring career began over 15 years ago, mainly because I wanted to better equipped myself academically, in efforts to help women maximize their potential in “ Every Area” of their life.  I have helped thousands of women over my career achieve success in their personal, business, relationships, Finacial and spiritual life over years, who have either worked with me personally or attending my many workshops. I share my proven secrets to total success in every area of their life.  


Consequently,  in order to achieve maximum potential, it is imperative that “ Healing”( emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical) in all areas must occur, before one can truly create balance. The balance will create synergy, and synergy produces the momentum to achieve your maximum potential, therefore creating the life that you always imagined and more.


 Join the tribe of women who I  have helped  learn how to live a synergistic life...

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