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What are you doing after the storm

Storm clouds

Storms can be destructive, when the hurricane season begins it causes a lot of damage to infrastructures, home, communities and lives people. Some people even lose their life during storms. Storm come with various categories and magnitudes, even though the storms may be different it’s always reveals, exposes and changes something during or after the storm. Just like we have natural storms that occur, we also have personal storms that occur in our lives at different seasons with different magnitudes.

These storms sometimes destroy the infrastructure of our family, lifestyle, health, finances you can shake the foundation of a person’s faith. Storms can even make us take a different look at how we view our perceptions about people and life. We all know that storms are just a part of the cycle of nature and life, but my question is what are you doing after your storms?

Are you rebuilding what the storm destroyed or damaged or are you so emotionally affected by the damage causes by the storms, that you choose to continue and sit and the rubbage left from the storms in your life?

When natural disasters/storms occur, they do 4 things; the winds blow, the trees shake, Lighting strikes and the waters flood. After the storms, depending on the category 1-2-3-4 or 5 it reveals the damage left behind and sometimes it completely wipes an area away.

Oftentimes during storms there’s always a warning and depending on the category the national weather forecasters will tell you to evacuate. But sometimes people choose to ignore warnings believing the storm is not so bad, they can ride through it and that the storms will just pass by them.

We all experience natural storms and personal storms. Some storms come with a warning to evacuate and get out before it destroys your life and the people around you. But just like natural storms we don’t always pay attention to the warnings. Some storms don’t come with warnings! Have you been paying attention to the warnings of the storms in your life (relationships, people, finances, bad business deals, family members, negative choices etc). Sometimes we recognize the warnings, but the storms are big and does so much damage until we just don’t know how to handle it or how to rebuild after its done the damage.

Have you experienced a storm in your life that left you to the point that you just don’t know what to do? Have you lost your sense of self? Are just existing instead of living?

Aren’t you ready to rebuild your life after the storms?

Aren’t you tired of reliving those painful memories of how things used to be? How the storm changed your life? If Yes, then it’s time to Rediscover and Revive your life!

It’s time to rebuild after the storm! Let me show you how.

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