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Signature Speeches

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Lost But Leading

For People in  Spiritual Leadership Position

Many Leading Ladies have become trapped behind the title of First Lady, expected to look good, smell good and be good. But in reality, they have become slaves to their titles, Pastors (husbands), lifestyles and false images. They have learned to cover these unhealthy, ungodly issues within their marriages, church assembly and church affiliations. This exposes the ugly truths and helps them find the courage to find their true selves again, regain their confidence and build a connected relationship with God again.


Who Can I Run Too “Accountability” (For Leadership in general) :  Many men and women who find themselves in leadership positions have found themselves being great general to the people they lead but have no one to run too when they have major emotional,  psychological, financial, sexual and spiritual issues that they face. They feel hopeless for fear of being judged and/or ostracized.

Let's Talk

How to Communicate Effectively
“The Power of Words”

This topic/ training provides information related to how each person has his or her own language, as it relates to how they perceive and process information. You will learn how you communicate your language and how other communicate their language is determined by culture, community, personality and emotions. It teaches how we communicate with others using Words, Tone, Body gesture and silence. It teaches on the power of words, communication barriers, effective and ineffective communication and creating a better communication barrier. Finally, it will discuss and teach gender relationship and communication.

Colleagues Working Together
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Are You Speaking My Language?

The Different Languages of Men & Women

This topic/ training explores the personal language that we speak. It teaches that language is determined by culture, community, personality and emotions. It explores how males and females express themselves differently because of these diversities. Communication is not completely verbal, but is expressed through tone of speech, body gestures and silence. This training teaches how to communicate more effectively by expression of true thoughts rather than emotions and it delivers information on the love languages and the barriers among males and females.

What's Your Worth?

This topic/training will provide an introduction and foundation of what self -esteem is, the concepts associated with the impact and consequences of the various type of self -esteem and its characteristics, and identify how it affects individuals in every aspect of life and development. It will reveal the concepts and development of fixed and growth mindsets along with-its barriers to growth. This training will expose how negative mindsets are developed while sharing the tools to create positive mindsets resulting in high self-esteem and more positive outcome throughout life.

Image by Alex Shute
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Masks of Depression

This topic covers the many faces that depression wears and how to identify them in yourself and in others. It reveals how slowly depression can invades a person’s life without them knowing it.  Depression is the leading addictions and health issues. Causes of depression and how do I get free from its chains.
Married but Single for Couples Only:  In this fast pace of life many people get married for the wrong reason today only to find themselves in relationships with people the don’t really know, have no emotional bond with, and live totally different lives.  It teaches couple how to bring back the love that they once had and gives them the tools to create a oneness within their marriage. It covers areas from the bedroom to the bank.

“Celibacy” Dating vs Courting 

How do I do It?

Many men and women today are choosing celibacy, but are having difficulties either maintaining their choices or finding relationships that are lasting and won’t compromise their choices and/or beliefs. We bring hope! We shed light on the difference in dating and courting, how to properly date or court without being faced unwanted, conflicting circumstances. We share the top five questions to ask before going on the first date to prevent unmet expectation in the future.

Image by Sandy Millar
Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Sex, Sexting, Social Media and Sexuality: 

This topic/ training provides youth with the essential information needed to keep them safe from potential predators surfing the internet, looking for their next victims. It exposes the truth about the growing sex trafficking industry, revealing how their social media post / pictures can been signs that could cost them their life. We cover the various social media site and phone apps that could but them and their families in danger and the serious criminal ramifications behind sexting. Lastly, we expose the mainstream issues related to sexuality and it emotional effects.

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