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Who is your candidate for the 2018 election?

In a few days we will be rushing to the polls to vote for the person’s that we have deemed suitable, competent and viable to serve in a political office in our communities. This candidate is someone that you trust, believe and that you advocate for what they stand for. It is important for all of us to vote because every vote count. The person that you vote for has the potential to change lives, communities, states and nations. When we believe in a candidate, we sometimes volunteer services, we make phone calls, hand out flyers, raise money, donate money knock on doors and advertise for the character, integrity and purposes of that candidate.

My question to you, “Have you put as much time, effort, research and passion for others that you are voting for, but not yourself?"

I am reminded of a situation where a volunteer was handing out flyers for a candidate. She came across one person then asked him who he was going to vote for and if so would he vote for this candidate? And he replied “Oh I don’t do that anymore!"

Have you stopped voting for yourself? Has your life been on auto pilot?

Throughout life things happen which causes hurt, guilt, pain and shame to the point where we just get comfortable and complacent in life.

Have you stopped dreaming or pursuing those goals and aspirations that you’ve always wanted to do?

Have you told yourself this is just my life! “I’m too old to do anything else! or this is where God wants me right now! But really what is happening with you is YOU STOP voting for yourself!

It’s never too late to get back in the race. It’s time that you put yourself back on the campaign trail and vote for your success, your happiness and dreams that you put on the shelf. 

Are you ready to pull them off the shelf and live life to the fullest?  Aren’t you tired of existing? Are you ready to truly live again?

Well get back on the campaign trail, get back in the race and this time vote for yourself and Win!

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