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We offer a variety of different courses, workshops or memberships that will cater to your needs. Here are a few that are currently ongoing:


Personal Life Coach

 This coaching is for individuals who are ready to achieve the next level in excellence and success in either/or all of their personal, professional and/or business life. I help you address common, obstacles, mindsets, and remove self doubt. I help you gain a new motivation and confidence to move to the next level of success in your life. This coaching is for people who are fully committed to living their best life and are seeking to accelerate how they do it.

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Rediscover, Revive and Relaunch Your Life

It’s time for a girls getaway weekend it’s time to Rediscover, Revive and Relaunch your life. This weekend getaway Is designed for relaxation fun and good all girls taught weekend with a certified life coach. 


Let's Talk Girl Workshop

A talk group session with 4-8 Ladies who are willing to share their stories either virtually or on-site with each other. Women are here to share and also help each other throughout this session full of wholesome talks and laughs as well as tips that you can take home with you once the session ends.