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WOMEN IN TRAINING FOR SUCCESS (W.I.TS) and Youth in Training  For Success ( Y.I.T.S)


The W.I.T.S Training Program is a 16 week intense training program that offers cutting edge training. The W.I.T.S training program is designed to train, teach, direct and guide women in areas to provide them with the knowledge and equip them to become successful in every area of life.

W.I.T.S foundation is based on the Proverbs 31 and is offered to young women ages 13-17 and women 18-older. The training are ​offered weekly onsite and via webinar.The W.I.T.S programs comes with a training manual and coaching access, participants MUST register.​​​​


The training is ​offered bi-weekly onsite and via webinar. The W.I.T.S programs comes with a Training Manual and Syllabus, Certificate of Completion, and 5 counseling/coaching session and a Six month 2 hour check-in course participants MUST register.

Other Programs; Life Success Programs ( for Parents and Youth), Leadership Training,

Domestic Violence Victims Groups, Conflict Resolution Groups, Anger Management Groups

Girls Circle Certified Facilitator

Girls circle is a evidence based program through the Girls Circle helps girls, ages 13-18, who are victims of substance, alcohol, sexual abuse. I facilitate circles for schools, girl group homes, and youth groups.

 Tara is .....Mother Daughter Circle and Boy Counsel Certified Facilitator


Revive Your Life Membership

All members will receive our seasonal Revive Box with their membership and 45% off the Relaunch Retreat. (December 2018, March 2019, June 2019, September 2019)

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