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Your Emotional Health Impacts Your Financial Wealth

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This 6-week intensive institute will help women Rediscover, Revive, and Relaunch their life. This institute or course is for women who are strong for those women who are strong and those who are building their strength, that are struggling to find internal clarity, personal mission, emotional healing, interpersonal growth and regain a balanced synergistic life of total confidence, success, freedom an financial increase


Identify past/present  obstacles 
Understand how your emotional/spiritual health impacts you environmentally, physically and financially
Steps to achieve a synergistic life
Strategies to Increase and expand your life
Step by step guidance to Dominate your Life

how it started

Being a Strong Black Women, educated and financially stable is the picture of success for most women. I became a Master at making “Success “ look good. I become a successful salon owner and platform artist by the age of 25. I was living the life that others dreamed of. I was a picture of  “Strong Successful Black Women” on the outside, but I was the picture of a decaying cancerous tumor on the inside. Emotionally, physically,spiritually and relationally I was perishing fast.

I had a bad marriage and a baggage of broken emotions all dressed up in Gucci, Channel and a lot of bling. I knew all the answers to help all the other women that I encountered, but I didn’t know how to help “Me”.

After years of soul searching, emotional and spiritual healing,  character building, trial and errors, I found the secret to obtaining  “True“ Strength and Success. I learned the secret that helped me find healing, balance and wholeness, which synergized  my life and reposition my path so that I am Living my Best Life.

If this sounds like your story then I can help you create a synergistic life  and Live the life that you really want


Join the tribe of women who have learned how to live a synergistic life...

Sis Let’s Talk 5 week intensive Institute will help you create balance and synergy to live the life you dream.

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